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Garden Villa Wedding Italy

The San Crispolto garden villa wedding Italy is an extraordinary attraction. We are happy to have found a way to include many varieties of plant life that represent the tone and era of the Villa itself. The “garden villa wedding Italy” is enveloped in the distinctive plant life of Umbria in our attempt to preserve the original native flora.

At our front gates you will be greeted with the famous local Cypress trees seen throughout Tuscany and Umbria as well as deep red rose bushes. Between the DOP awarded olive groves you will find fragrant rosemary and lavender bushes curving along the walkways and sloping grounds. The trunks of the centuries old olive trees serve as beautiful, private sanctuaries with stunning views of Lake Trasimeno. As the “garden villa wedding Italy”continue to flourish each visit to San Crispolto will be enhanced.

The pool area is found behind the villa through the olive groves along a stone path. Both the path and the swimming pool are illuminated for evening swims. Around the pool patio you will find some potted flowers and herbs. From the pool, the west side of the lake, forest covered hillsides and the sienna colored rooftops of Passignano are visible.

Around the pool area are small sloping hills that flank the olive groves. Each hill is home to many local plants that accommodate the changing colors of the seasons.

The deck area “garden villa wedding Italy”overlook the eastern side of the lake and one of it’s major islands, Isola Polvese. The deck itself is divided into two areas, separated by pomegranate trees and colorful geraniums. The first part of the deck is covered in lush grass with plenty of space for relaxing. The second part of the deck is covered in ancient stones and offers benches and tables available for private sunning, meals and socializing.

Enjoy a 360 degree view that encompasses Lake Trasimeno and its three islands, the surrounding countryside and the town of Passignano sul Lago. A wood or charcoal BBQ is also available for use for outdoor cooking.