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Cooking Lessons


Classes and courses will cover many aspects of traditional cooking and include some historical notes, in the familiar and welcoming kitchen of Mamma Miranda, expert cook of traditional Tuscan cuisine.

Classes will be hands on and you will personally participate in cooking the many delicious dishes included in a meal’s menu which will be followed by a lunch or dinner where you will sample all of them. You don’t need specific experience and the classes are made in a simple way also for beginners, but complete enough for expert cooks as well.

You can choose from single lessons to a full course of 4 to 5 lessons.

Each lesson will include several different appetizers, one or two first courses such as pasta or soup, a second course ( meat and side dish), and dessert.

During the classes, the following issues can be covered:

Traditional appetizer
Fresh pasta and variations
Bread, poor dishes and soups
Regular and hunting meat dishes, vegetables and side dishes
Traditional desserts and at the spoon
Cooking techniques and tips
Wine tasting and food matching
Preferred time for the lessons